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Admissions at PBRC

Taking this major step of detox is scary and it takes courage. Part of the fear is not knowing what to expect or what will happen next. Below is a basic guideline that can demystify the experience.

Before joining us at Palm Beach Recovery Center admissions, there are few hurdles we will need to clear together. A full medical history and psychological assessment will be conducted so that we may get a better understanding of you and your specific needs. While we are able to treat most unique situations, we want to ensure we provide the correct treatment for your individualized condition. Using this foundation, our team will be able to draft a personalized detox program. For more information please call our admissions specialists at (844) 613-7272.

What to Bring
Preparing for Intake

What to Expect

The living spaces have been designed for luxury and comfort so that you may relax during your stay with us. Each bedroom comes equipped with storage closets for your clothing and other possessions. You are encouraged to bring those personal items that make you feel most comfortable and at home.

If you have any questions regarding what to bring or what not to bring, contact our admissions team to get a full list of what to bring and what not to bring. 

If you have been approved to bring a service or emotional support animal, please ensure you bring food, toys, and everything needed to care for your animal while in treatment at Palm Beach Recovery Center.

What NOT to Bring
Our Facilities are safe & Secluded

Take a Tour

Suggested Clothing
Steps After Admissions


Once you arrive at Palm Beach Recovery Center you will meet with our Admissions Director who will guide you through basic questions. At this meeting you will receive an operations handbook along with a welcome packet. This packet includes a schedule of daily activities, information on the residence, key staff along with other important information on the program and process.

Safe & Effective

Belongings Search

As part of the intake process, your belongings will be searched to make sure you are not entering the center with any illegal contraband. Those unique items that are not allowed can be secured safely during your stay and then returned to you after your process. This is for your own safety as well as other patients.

Let Us Show You Around

Settle In!

You will then be accompanied to your room and the living quarters where you can begin to unpack your clothes and belongings. Make yourself at home!

Individualized Treatment Planning

Meet Your Detox Team

After you have had a moment to settle in, you will have an opportunity to meet your case manager, nurse, physician and therapist along with all other support staff. A routine physical along with urine and blood testing will allow us to determine which substances are present and in what quantities. It is also important that you are tested for other illnesses or communicable diseases to ensure the safety of the community.

Evidenced-Based Care

Customized Plan

Next you will meet with the medical staff to go over test results and answer any questions you may have. At this stage your doctor will customize a detox program that meets your needs and goals. Because long term sobriety is the end goal, each plan is designed to set a foundation for aftercare treatment once you leave us.

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Palm Beach Recovery Center works with most major commercial & private insurance plans to help cover many of the costs assocaited with treatment. Find out your coverage options right now using our free form.